Dry Powder Inhalers

Plastiape’s RS01 Dry Powder Inhaler

The RS01 Monodose Dry Powder Inhaler patented, manufactured and marketed by Plastiape has several appealing distinctive features, the first and quite relevant one being that it does exist.

‘Existence’ is actually a far-from-obvious attribute in the particular field of inhalation devices. The regular devotees of medical exhibitions and specialized magazines are familiar with well-conceived and highly sophisticated concepts. These nevertheless often remain at the stage of concepts for many years – to be then replaced by even more elaborated concepts of the ‘next generation’.


Plastiape is today a solid reality with about 300 employees and a billing of more then 51 millions Euros. More than two-thirds of this is derived from exports towards the most demanding and competitive markets.

Research & Development


The Plastiape Research and Development Centre has always been the pulsing heart of the company.

The numerous products developed have given rise to items, often patented, that have achieved success with the most celebrated international groups in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics field.